Dear Dudebros,

one of your heroes, Han Solo, realized he was going to be friendzoned by the girl he likes and ACCEPTED it and chose not to call her a bitch, even promising to not get in their way as a couple.

Sincerely, Be Like Han


I think it’s the first time I see gifsets of this scene with comments that focus on how Han Solo respects Leia’s feelings instead of incest jokes. Kudos to you, tumblr user jamesfactscalvin :)

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The Strypes - What A Shame

(The Late Late Show 2013)


"I remember on the first day of shooting being struck by the way he smoked a cigarette. We weren’t sure how much he was going to smoke yet, but I had made some comment early on – because he doesn’t smoke and is very healthy – where I said, ‘Just make sure you don’t smoke it like a high-school girl.’ He must have taken that as a challenge because by the first day of filming he was smoking a cigarette like it was a joint." - Cary Fukunaga, True Detective director and producer (x)

Scott, you can't transform, Allison is seeing her dead aunt 
and I'm flat out losing my mind. We can't do this.


truly an amazing sight (x)

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Miles Kane by Shirlaine Forrest

Don't Go
Jim And The Povolos (471)


Jim And The Povolos - Don’t Go